Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant with a touch of Indian cuisine



Blue Olive Grill offers Drop off & Pickup bulk orders for parties, meetings, gatherings or any event of 50 persons or less. We can provide entire customized meals, entrees or appetizers.

Let us help you make your next meeting, family gathering or party a Middle Eastern, Greek or Indian feast.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on our menu, let us know what you are looking for and As long as it’s Middle Eastern, Greek or Indian, we can make it for you!

Catering menu  

By the Pound  

Gyro      $12

Chicken Kabob $10

Grilled Chicken Breast (Sliced) $8

Spicy Chicken $10

Beef Kofta Kabob      $9

Chicken Kofta Kabob $9

Chicken Curry $10 (or any chicken-based curry – see menu)

Lamb Curry $14 (or any lamb-based curry – see menu)

Curry Sauce (spicy or mild)  $8

Vegan Curry Sauce (spicy or mild)  $8

Any Dip (hummus, tzatziki,etc) $9


By the Tray     (Prices vary based on size of tray and/or number of persons)

Greek Salad —  Fattoush Salad  —  Sauteed Vegetables — Eggplant  Moussaka —

Plain Basmati Rice  — Rice & Veggies – Plain Biryani-   Chicken Biryani — Lamb & Rice (see menu)


We can customize a menu for your specific needs (Greek, Middle Eastern or Indian!)

For catering inquiries and pricing, please write blueolivegrill@gmail.com